Patrick Eppolite from Wausau Wisconsin says...

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Patrick Eppolite
Wausau Wisconsin
Adventure Information
Tonto National forest
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Horse ride
WOW ! WOW! WOW!!!! My guide was Clydeia (I hope I spelled that right) Thanks -- I went on a 5 hour ride with her on Saturday (It was supposed to be 4) AWESOME --- I used to ride every weekend in Wisconsin until about 5 years ago and then circumstances happed where I could not - Work brought me to Arizona where I was "stuck" for the weekend - I searched the internet until I found Wind walkers ( A bit expensive- (BUT) I had an experience of a lifetime. I rode in Arizona before - but nothing like the experience I had last weekend --- The horse (Streaker) was great. He was easy to control and had a great temperament. Clyedia knew the flora and fauna of the desert. She also knew the trails and terrain. So, I really felt comfortable riding with her knowing she had a vast knowledge of the desert. She also kept me hydrated by making sure I drank enough water. (It was HOT and I have been used to negative temperatures in Wisconsin this winter). Thanks again In conclusion, The ride and guide was well worth it. I highly recommend Wind walkers for an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. I don't mean to sound redundant but -- WOW. Patrick J
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