Christina Speed from USA says...

Client Information
Client name: 
Christina Speed
Adventure Information
Date of Adventure: 
June 28, 2000
Camp Creek
Adventure type: 
Horseback riding in Arizona
Dear Mr. Joseph, I am not sure if you remember Kimberly and I...we are from Maryland, went for a long ride over the Easter weekend, I am a teacher??? Anyway, regardless, I wanted to let you know of a few things. First, the ride was incredible. It convinced me to move to AZ and make it my new home. I appreciated your keen sense with the horses, of nature, and of the land. That day will remain one of the best in my life for many years to come. So, soon thereafter I decided to move! I returned to AZ for a week in June, and found a great teaching job (very close to Cave Creek I might add!) and a nice apartment. I have already made some interesting friends, too. That ride was the start to such an interesting path. I just wanted to say thanks for not only a great day, but for the inspiration I needed to get up and go. Sincerely, Christina Speed Wednesday 28th June 2000